Virus and Malware Removal Service

Have your Virus / Malware infested Laptop or PC working like new again…


Solution 1:

Have Burnley Computer Repairs run the latest industry standard anti virus / malware software on your system

Descriptionwhat's involved?Price 
Virus Removal ServiceHave your PC or Laptop scanned live or by removing the hard driveCost depends on severity of infection - from £10 to £40Call

Solution 2:

By far the BEST option if your Malware problems are severe, is to wipe the whole system (saving your files and folders first) and re install your Windows operating system – not only will your Virus problems be over, your laptop or PC will run like the day it was born!

Descriptionwhat's Involved?Price 
Re Install Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 - no more Malware!Burnley Computer Repairs can re install all versions of ALL the Windows operating systems - XP to 8.1 £50 for a single laptop or PC and £40 for each subsequent PC or Laptop - get every laptop in your house working for LESS!Call

Extra Advice – you don’t have to read this 😉 but you will learn more if you do 🙂

80% of the my clients come to me at their whit’s end with a laptop or PC that is crammed full of Malware and  viruses – usually both. Depending on how PC savvy you are, your browsing habits and how effective your antivirus solutions are, any Microsoft Windows system will eventually end up infected with something nasty, or a lot of something nasty. 90% of the worlds computers run windows after all, so all the evil malware coders out there design their malware for us Windows users!

If you are the type of computer user that tends not to think before they click and are always downloading free games, videos, software etc and you use services like LimeWire, then your laptop or PC may well be inundated with malware. Do you have things popping up offering a free registry check or virus scan? Toolbars redirecting you to places on the net you never knew existed? Your PC as slow as treacle and you are constantly waiting for it to perform basic tasks? You’re infected! 🙁

Malware and Viruses – what’s the diff?


Malware is software that you often download and install accidentally alongside something you DID want that pretends to have a useful purpose but actually has a hidden agenda. Internet toolbars that end up changing your homepage from google to its own lookalike that will try and offer you other ‘services’ All those popup virus scanners that make end-of-the-world allegations about your PC unless you click the download tab NOW! There are hundreds of different forms of Malware out there and they are a pain or downright dangerous if they trick you into revealing personal information, security codes or even handing over cash so they will stop bugging you.

The best way to remove Malware – Have Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) re installed and all your files / folders saved and put back so you end up with a clean system.


Viruses are more dangerous than Malware – they operate undercover and not in plain sight. Viruses are specific programs written by nasty people to steal your data, often by monitoring your keystrokes on the keyboard (keyloggers) so they can steal banking passwords and the like. There are also viruses that will act as first base on your laptop and then will download the rest of the virus  from the net so it can take complete control of your system and go through all your files and folders looking for financial information, safe codes, personal pictures and the like – sometimes for the purpose of bribery and extortion. These are Trojans and there are thousands of them.

Again, the BEST wasy to remove Viruses is to completely re install your laptop or PC with a new windows installation

Which is the BEST Antivirus Solution?

A question I am often asked and the response is often a waste as no one usually wants to PAY for antivirus solutions!

What many people don’t realise is that there are specific programs for antivirus and also specific programs for anti malware as well as the  all in one options. There are the BIGGIES like Norton 360, Kasperski and MacAfee. These are all rounder’s that will charge a yearly subscription but often with the ability to install on up to 3 systems – so one payment may get the Desktop PC and 2 laptops in your home covered. Problem with the biggies is that they use your system resources up – your CPU, memory and hard drive access use will go up with on-access scanning enabled, which will slow down a small netbook or older system.

My own preference is to use Microsoft Security Essentials which is free Antivirus software from those folks who MADE your operating system (so they MUST know what they are doing right?? 😉 ) MSE has good reviews, is FREE and also is designed to be light on system resources (so your laptop wont even know its there!) For anti Malware I use Malwarebytes – that well known and trusted and much raved about malware chaser! It too is light on system resources, comes as a 3 license pack and is also known to work well alongside Microsoft Security Essentials. Having multiple virus scanners (like MSE and Norton for example) running on the same system is a no no – it will just slow your laptop / PC down and the two will conflict. MSE and Malwarebytes together are ok though 🙂

The BEST antivirus strategy however is following good download practices and STAY AWAY from Limewire, anything ‘free’ – games, free copyrighted downloads and software etc. As they say – there is no such thing as a free lunch.

If you must do all that ‘free’ stuff – have a dedicated Linux PC or laptop for that purpose. If you never heard of Linux, you may not stand a chance but basically Linux is an operating system like Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 etc – there are different versions ( I like Ubuntu Linux, others like Linux Mint etc ) – Its FREE and best of all IT DOESNT GET VIRUSES! 🙂 😮 🙂

Call 07723 994819 for more details on any of the above or to learn more about installing Ubuntu Linux on a PC, Laptop or as a dual boot with Windows.