Samsung RF711 17″ laptop repair

Hi All and Any,

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Yesterday I got two repair jobs for the price of one. On Sunday I got a call from a past customer for me to fix her Samsung RF711 17.3-inch Laptop. I’ve had it in bits before to resolder a new DC Power jack but this time her Windows 7 installation was refusing to load up and instead just going to the OS repair screen. I took it off her thinking I had her phone number on the last invoice and said i’d have it back to her the following evening.

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Monday morning I start the process of recovering her files and folders off the hard drive – firstly by removing the drive and attaching it to aUSB 2.0 to SATA / IDE Transfer Adapter, so I can plug the removed hard drive into my laptop and copy over the files. It can be quicker to transfer files this way from a non operative OS. Unfortunately the hard drive didn’t show up in My Computer so I had a look in Drive Management and saw an empty drive with no partition, reverted to the ‘basic’ state. No Windows 7 and no files to copy. I also tried re fitting the hard drive and booting the laptop in to Puppy Linux to see if I could recover anything but no go their either. There is a limit to what you are willing to do within the £25 I’ll be getting for this so..

At this point its good manners to get in touch with the client and inform them of the situation and get see if they want to spend money trying to recover the partition data or just get over it and wipe the lot with a fresh OS. I couldn’t find her number or remember the precise house number and her number is private on my mobile, so I went knocking on doors at the street she lives on. A neighbour pointed me to the correct house AND gave me his Acer Aspire 5580 laptop to work on. That is for the next post…
Anyhow, after a LATE start, I installed windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit, spent ages on the Samsung site downloading all the drivers and associated apps (there where NO default drivers for this laptop in the windows installation) – installed 400MB worth of Microsoft updates, installed some Office software and then free Anti virus software and decent free firewall software. I charged her £25 and it took from about 2.30pm to 8.30pm including leaving it to download updates for an hour or so.

At 8.37, running late for dinner at my in-laws, I walked over to her house and handed it back. A happy customer. Hopefully she will come back the next time something goes wrong.