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Acer One Netbook XP Home Reinstallation

Hi – im working on a little netbook a local person gave me to fix this morning after I returned her repaired Desktop PC. Its an Acer One netbook  – a neat little thing with a full sized keyboard, 1.33GHz Intel Atom processor 1GB RAM, 160GB hard drive and something like a 10″ screen. Unfortunately its has Windows XP home edition – a 12 year old operating system that most hackers cut their teeth on at hacking school. Its riddled with viruses, mostly posing as registry fix programs and the like so I’m reinstalling the operating system.
Rather than wiping a system out with my own operating system disks, I allways try and use the existing restore partition if their is one. That way the owner gets their laptop or computer back in a familiar condition, saves me some time too. I also get rid of the ‘bloatware’, install all the Microsoft updates and service packs, remove any ‘free’ or unpaid for antivirus software and install Microsoft Security Essentials and whatever else I think it can handle from a hardware point of view. Have to go easy on the Acer One netbook as that little Atom CPU cant handle much…

Acer One Netbook repair - full of viruses

Acer One Netbook repair – full of viruses

Acer One XP Home backup
…Give me a couple more hours and it should be running up and running with a factory restore, anti virus software and Office 2007 – the owner didn’t want any files saving. I’d usually charge £30 for a full system rebuild but for this one it was £25 as the existing restore partition saved me some time. The owner also gave me an Acer Extensa 5235 laptop with a smashed screen and non functional keyboard. I’ve quoted just short of £120 including parts and labour but she doesn’t want it fixing just yet, so that may be for another post…

14 Dec 2012