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DOS Games

These games should work in DOS 3.3 onwards

Mutant Space Bats


Summer Games II




Why are these games here? Because my 5.25″ floppy drive will only read and not write to disk, I’m trying to get these games onto my Compaq Portable III computer running MSDOS 3.3 and the only other PC i have that will talk to it in the same file system is an anchient Pentium 200Mhz machine running windows 95. I hope to download these games from my own website to the W95 machine, unzip them and transfer them to the hard drive out of the compaq machine directly. Thankyou 🙂




24 Dec 2016

Laptop For Sale In Burnley – Dell Precision M4400

Precision M4400 Laptop For Sale In Burnley

Precision M4400 Laptop For Sale In Burnley has a laptop for Sale:

Laptop would suit a student, IT technician/professional or anyone who wants a tough, reliable and feature rich laptop. Dell has 3 PC /Laptop model ranges – Inspiron for home, Latitude for Business and the Precision range for High end Business / CAD / Audio Visual work. The Precision M4400 is designed as a mobile workstation laptop, hardware certified for the Adobe range of Audio Visual software. When new, this laptop cost in excess of £2000. Read more about the M4400 here:




Hardware Spec:

– Tough titanium alloy exterior

– Battery life is great, over 2 hours of standard use.

– Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2.26GHz P8400

– 2GB RAM – 320GB SATA Hard Drive (7200RPM – faster than standard HD)

– NVIDIA Quadro 770M Dedicated Graphics card (Designed for CAD but gaming possible too)

– Backlit keyboard – great for low light / Powercuts etc if you want it for ‘back home’

– Dell Wireless 1397 WLAN mini card – Dell WWAN 5530 HSPA mobile broadband card – SIM card slot for internet anywhere – again, great for countries with limited internet, I took it to Bangladesh with me 😉

The laptop has all the usual expansion ports plus the ones you see on Business laptops

Displayport – Splits in to 4 HDMI external monitor ports

eSATA (for external fast SATA based storage options)

ExpressCard Slot – for USB port cards, SSD storage cards etc

USB Powershare (for charging phones etc when laptop is off)

Smart Card slot – if your business supports them

Contactless Smart Card reader – Ditto above

Also has a hot swappable DVD drive. I was using the laptop with a spare drive caddy so i could have a second hard drive and just swap the DVD drive in when i needed it


– Windows 7 Professional 64bit – i have a valid product key

– Adobe Master Collection CS4, Photoshop, Soundbooth, Dreamweaver etc

– Office 2007.

Dell Precision M4400 Mobile Workstation laptop – £150

 Call 07723 994819 to discuss or arrange to buy or view. Thanks 😉

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22 Sep 2014

Laptop Screen Repair in Burnley

Repair of Smashed Laptop Screen

If you have a laptop or LCD monitor – or even an iPhone, I can replace the screen and have it working like new again.

What's Involved?Why go for this?Price
Dismantle the Laptop screen assembly, safely dispose of the old LCD and fit a brand new LCD - restoring full functionalityYou have dropped, kicked, stood on, punched the screen or the backlight has stopped working.£30 labour charge to fit plus the cost of the screen which is usually around £40 but can go up to £60

The following is not meant as a repair guide – just a look for you at what is involved in replacing your laptop screen.

Replacing the LCD panel includes the following:

Aver Travelmate 253E laptop with cracked LCD screen

Aver Travelmate 253E laptop with cracked LCD screen

This is what a laptop with a smashed LCD looks like – this one was dropped on its side…







1) Carefully disassembling the plastic laptop screen  assembly  – I take care to keep and replace any screw hole cosmetic covers and rubber bump stops. I also use plastic spudgers/levers etc to pry apart plastic components so as not to scratch or damage the probably expensive finish on your device.

Remove laptop screen plastics

Remove laptop screen plastics








Data Cable on rear of LCD panel– 2) Release the delicate data cable and high voltage backlight inverter on the rear of the LCD Panel.






Acer Travelmate 253E LCD Panel Serial Number

Acer Travelmate 253E LCD Panel Serial Number

3) Find the serial number on the rear of the panel and then order the CORRECT replacement!







New screen Fitted

New screen Fitted

4)Fit the new LCD panel (usually takes a day or two to arrive)  – taking care to replace all USB camera/data/HV inverter cabling and replacing all screws and cosmetic covers.







It Works!

It Works!

5) See if it works!

01 Aug 2014


Burnley Computer Repair Pricelist


1) Re install Windows – XP, Vista, 7,8.1 – all versions

 – Best way to remove Viruses / malware and restore your system to ‘out of the box’ condition

Whats InvolvedBasic Re Installation - £20Full Re Installation - £40Concessions Price*
I offer a Basic Service and a standard Full ServiceRe install Windows only - no drivers, no updates, no antivirus, no user data transfer. This is for those who want to do the job themselves but have no setup disk.£40 for the first PC or Laptop, £35 for each additional PC or Laptop - Includes all driver, Service Pack installations, MS Updates, Anti Virus Software, user data transfer and other software.
Get all your laptops/PC's or those of your friends/family and SAVE on the total!
Single PC/Laptop - £30



2) Remove viruses and malware from your existing Windows operating system

What's Involved?Why go for this?Price
Run industry standard Anti Virus software and manual removals where necessaryIf you have a system you want to keep and not re install from scratch, this is the best option£20 - £40 depending on severity of threat and difficulty of removal


3) Replace Smashed laptop Screen

What's Involved?Why go for this?Price
Dismantle the Laptop screen assembly, safely dispose of the old LCD and fit a brand new LCD - restoring full functionalityYou have dropped, kicked, stood on, punched the screen or the backlight has stopped working.£30 labour charge to fit plus the cost of the screen which is usually around £40 but can go up to £60


4) Repair/Solder broken DC power socket

What's Involved?Why go for this?Price
I test your existing power adapter with a multimeter to check it is functioning. If all is well I dismantle the laptop and run continuity tests on the DC power jack area of the motherboard to check that the power socket is the problem. I then de solder the old socket and solder a new one in.You have dropped the laptop on its power jack and broken the power socket off the motherboard - or it has worked loose/broken from misuse/age. Symptoms are a totally dead laptop (no lights etc) or intermittent charging or sparking sounds from the power jack area.£50 labour charge - who do you know that can solder? 😉 - plus the cost of the power jack (£2.50 - £8.50)


5) Liquid Damage Repair to Laptop/iPhone or Desktop PC – other electricals also possible

What's Involved?Why go for this?Price
Remove all power sources and disassemble your laptop/PC into component parts and solvent wash the affected area. This can restore functionality to keyboards, mouse pads etc. Motherboards are tricky and permanent damage may have been done depending on the liquid in question and how long the device stayed switched on etc - however in many cases, removing liquid residue and any corrosion from the motherboard components can restore the device to full working order.You dropped your laptop/iPhone in the bath or tipped/splashed a drink over your laptop/phone or desktop PC. Its now working very intermittently or not at all - though hopefully you switched off and removed any batteries the moment it happened...?Laptop - £20 basic charge to disassemble and assess
PC or iPhone - £10 basic charge to disassemble and assess
Remaining cost depends on the damage done.


6) Data Recovery or Transfer to new system/DVD/Memory stick/USB hard drive

What's Involved?Why go for this?Price
For an old or non functional laptop or PC, I can remove the (functional) hard drive and attach to a new/different system and transfer your data across. You have an old laptop or PC which either is non functional or redundant and you want to either transfer data to a new system or a DVD/USB hard drive or USB memory stick£10 - £20 depending on circumstances.

This is a list of common repair services and is by no means an exhaustive list. Whatever your need, be it for home computer / network  problems or office IT suite / Windows Server domain technical support – Discuss it with me and I’ll help you to arrive at a solution and price that suits YOU.




31 Jul 2014

Re Install Your Windows Operating System

Don’t Buy a new PC or Laptop – Just Re Install Windows!

Drop your PC or Laptop off to Burnley Computer Repairs (or I can pick it up and drop it back to you for free if you are in Burnley or nearby) – and I will reinstall your version of Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1) plus install all the service packs, Security Updates general software and Antivirus solutions and then put all your files, folders, pictures etc back where they should be.


Whats InvolvedBasic Re Installation - £20Full Re Installation - £40Concessions Price*
I offer a Basic Service and a standard Full ServiceRe install Windows only - no drivers, no updates, no antivirus, no user data transfer. This is for those who want to do the job themselves but have no setup disk.£40 for the first PC or Laptop, £35 for each additional PC or Laptop - Includes all driver, Service Pack installations, MS Updates, Anti Virus Software, user data transfer and other software.
Get all your laptops/PC's or those of your friends/family and SAVE on the total!
Single PC/Laptop - £30


You don’t have to read this 😉 but it will help if you do 🙂

Why Re Install Windows?

Virus removal is for ‘must keep’ systems (work related setups with Citrix, domain logon etc) Windows Re Installation is the Best Solution for everyone else…

Reason OneVirus Infestation

The number one reason for re installing Windows is to solve Virus and Malware problems. Yes, I can run many different antivirus programs either on your live system or by removing the drive and plugging it into a different machine. I can also manually remove all the pesky and intricate components of all the different virus variants that may be on your system – but all that takes TIME and time costs you money! If you have a system that you HAVE to keep like a work related Laptop that has special software, then you have no option but to repair the existing system. For everyone else however – if you have a serious case of multiple Virus / Malware infection, it can be cheaper to just re install – so why not just have me (or you) save all your user data (files, folders, pictures etc) then I’ll wipe your old system and then re install windows as well as install all the Microsoft Service Packs, Updates, latest browsers and other software plus the best free antivirus software money cant buy (unless you want to pay for decent antivirus software which is advisable) You will end up with a fresh system on your PC or Laptop that is up to date security-wise and will run much faster…

Reason Two – Your Laptop / PC will be much FASTER

…The other major advantage to a Windows refresh is that your system will work better, faster, cooler… When you first walked out of Comet / Argos / PC World with your shiny new Laptop, Windows was fresh and new. All its millions of files, database components and lines of program code were where they should be, in the right order, uncorrupted and with no bits of uninstalled program code left in the registry. Over time however as you install and uninstall different programs and generally ‘use’ your PC or laptop, things get corrupted, Windows has to find work-arounds and patches to carry on – it slows down in the process. Even if you never had a single virus, every so often its worth doing a full system reset. Its amazing how many people go out and buy a whole new PC or Laptop in the belief it is faulty or just ‘old’ when all their present one needed was windows reinstalling!

What’s a Windows Operating System???

Having been around computers for far to long I am sometimes amazed when asked this question. Windows is the thing that pops up on your laptop / PC screen about 30 seconds after pressing the power button. (unless you own a Mac) Today there are 4 current versions of the Microsoft Windows Operating System – Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1 They all come in either 32Bit or 64bit modes and each version has its own sub versions – XP Home Edition, XP Professional, Vista Starter Edition, Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Business…. it goes on. There should be a sticker on the side of your Desktop PC or underneath your Laptop which says what version and sub version of Windows you have – and also the activation code. None of this is important to you however! If you want your system to run like new, just hand it over to Burnley Computer Repairs and I will work out what its got, what it needs, do the work and hand it back to you like its been reborn!

Please call 07723 994819 for more information about re installing Windows on your device or to book it in for repair.


29 Jun 2014

Virus and Malware Removal Service

Have your Virus / Malware infested Laptop or PC working like new again…


Solution 1:

Have Burnley Computer Repairs run the latest industry standard anti virus / malware software on your system

Descriptionwhat's involved?Price 
Virus Removal ServiceHave your PC or Laptop scanned live or by removing the hard driveCost depends on severity of infection - from £10 to £40Call

Solution 2:

By far the BEST option if your Malware problems are severe, is to wipe the whole system (saving your files and folders first) and re install your Windows operating system – not only will your Virus problems be over, your laptop or PC will run like the day it was born!

Descriptionwhat's Involved?Price 
Re Install Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 - no more Malware!Burnley Computer Repairs can re install all versions of ALL the Windows operating systems - XP to 8.1 £50 for a single laptop or PC and £40 for each subsequent PC or Laptop - get every laptop in your house working for LESS!Call

Extra Advice – you don’t have to read this 😉 but you will learn more if you do 🙂

80% of the my clients come to me at their whit’s end with a laptop or PC that is crammed full of Malware and  viruses – usually both. Depending on how PC savvy you are, your browsing habits and how effective your antivirus solutions are, any Microsoft Windows system will eventually end up infected with something nasty, or a lot of something nasty. 90% of the worlds computers run windows after all, so all the evil malware coders out there design their malware for us Windows users!

If you are the type of computer user that tends not to think before they click and are always downloading free games, videos, software etc and you use services like LimeWire, then your laptop or PC may well be inundated with malware. Do you have things popping up offering a free registry check or virus scan? Toolbars redirecting you to places on the net you never knew existed? Your PC as slow as treacle and you are constantly waiting for it to perform basic tasks? You’re infected! 🙁

Malware and Viruses – what’s the diff?


Malware is software that you often download and install accidentally alongside something you DID want that pretends to have a useful purpose but actually has a hidden agenda. Internet toolbars that end up changing your homepage from google to its own lookalike that will try and offer you other ‘services’ All those popup virus scanners that make end-of-the-world allegations about your PC unless you click the download tab NOW! There are hundreds of different forms of Malware out there and they are a pain or downright dangerous if they trick you into revealing personal information, security codes or even handing over cash so they will stop bugging you.

The best way to remove Malware – Have Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) re installed and all your files / folders saved and put back so you end up with a clean system.


Viruses are more dangerous than Malware – they operate undercover and not in plain sight. Viruses are specific programs written by nasty people to steal your data, often by monitoring your keystrokes on the keyboard (keyloggers) so they can steal banking passwords and the like. There are also viruses that will act as first base on your laptop and then will download the rest of the virus  from the net so it can take complete control of your system and go through all your files and folders looking for financial information, safe codes, personal pictures and the like – sometimes for the purpose of bribery and extortion. These are Trojans and there are thousands of them.

Again, the BEST wasy to remove Viruses is to completely re install your laptop or PC with a new windows installation

Which is the BEST Antivirus Solution?

A question I am often asked and the response is often a waste as no one usually wants to PAY for antivirus solutions!

What many people don’t realise is that there are specific programs for antivirus and also specific programs for anti malware as well as the  all in one options. There are the BIGGIES like Norton 360, Kasperski and MacAfee. These are all rounder’s that will charge a yearly subscription but often with the ability to install on up to 3 systems – so one payment may get the Desktop PC and 2 laptops in your home covered. Problem with the biggies is that they use your system resources up – your CPU, memory and hard drive access use will go up with on-access scanning enabled, which will slow down a small netbook or older system.

My own preference is to use Microsoft Security Essentials which is free Antivirus software from those folks who MADE your operating system (so they MUST know what they are doing right?? 😉 ) MSE has good reviews, is FREE and also is designed to be light on system resources (so your laptop wont even know its there!) For anti Malware I use Malwarebytes – that well known and trusted and much raved about malware chaser! It too is light on system resources, comes as a 3 license pack and is also known to work well alongside Microsoft Security Essentials. Having multiple virus scanners (like MSE and Norton for example) running on the same system is a no no – it will just slow your laptop / PC down and the two will conflict. MSE and Malwarebytes together are ok though 🙂

The BEST antivirus strategy however is following good download practices and STAY AWAY from Limewire, anything ‘free’ – games, free copyrighted downloads and software etc. As they say – there is no such thing as a free lunch.

If you must do all that ‘free’ stuff – have a dedicated Linux PC or laptop for that purpose. If you never heard of Linux, you may not stand a chance but basically Linux is an operating system like Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 etc – there are different versions ( I like Ubuntu Linux, others like Linux Mint etc ) – Its FREE and best of all IT DOESNT GET VIRUSES! 🙂 😮 🙂

Call 07723 994819 for more details on any of the above or to learn more about installing Ubuntu Linux on a PC, Laptop or as a dual boot with Windows.


29 Jun 2014

GW9016VH DVR (digital video recorder) repair – computer repairs burnley

GW9016VH DVR unit repair – IT Support in Burnley

GW9016VH DVR unit with case removed

GW9016VH DVR unit with case removed

This is an unusual job for me as a DVR isn’t a computer or Laptop although the technology inside is the same idea. A local convenience store called me in to have a look at their new DVR system. The owner couldn’t navigate the menu system and wasn’t even sure the installer had set it up to record and having just had a break in, was obviously concerned. I had a look through the menu system on the front panel and via the remote control – sure enough, it was awful to navigate and it wasn’t even recording anything. He showed me his original setup, an older but decent entry level DVR unit still being sold on Amazon in the US. It had worked fine and then started showing a hard drive error so he got some guy in who proceeded to condemn the unit as unrepairable – and then sold him a hunk of junk to replace it!

In the end, I agreed to take the old unit and see if I could get it going for him again. As you can see from the video, whoever condemned it, had dismantled the interior – sabotage? I screwed and plugged everything back together and plugged it in and it appeared to work. I set off back to the shop with a spare hard drive, disconnected the ‘new’ system and reconnected the old setup to its cameras, power, monitor etc and what would you know it – no go! The contraption refused to record any footage to the hard drive. Ok, maybe the last guy wasn’t so dishonest after all…

Undeterred, and determined to be paid the agreed £50 and not the measly £20 for what i’d already done, I came up with a plan. The main problem seemed to be the little PATA to SATA converter board mentioned in the above video. I plugged in an old IDE hard drive after removing the offending item and the DVR unit sprung into life and started recording! In an effort to keep an older product current, the manufacturer must have stuck these SATA adapters in to keep up with current hard drive technology. No matter, all my client wanted was a working unit. I did wonder if buying and fitting a generic PATA to SATA converter would do the trick as we could then use the 500GB SATA drive installed in the ‘new’ DVR unit. I ordered one at a cost of £3.99 (!) off eBay, and no, it didn’t work. The on board Linux system probably didn’t have drivers for it.

After trying all the above possibilities, the shop keeper was happy to just buy a used 250GB IDE hard drive off me – this would give him a weeks worth of recording from his six CCTV cameras. Another happy customer. Its amazing the trust you can engender in a client if you are just straight foreward with them and go out of your way to be transparent 🙂 He wants me to go back at some point and install a network cable from the DVR unit to his broadband router so he can have remote access to it whilst he’s away. Perhaps that is to be my next post?

If anyone is interested, here is a download link to the GW9016VH DVR Manual

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26 Apr 2013

IT support in Burnley – callout for The Victoria Residential Home on Thursby Road

IT Support in Burnley – Victoria Residential Home

I’m a bit late posting this one – the callout was for last Friday 22nd March. I got a call from a lady who works at the Victoria Residential Care Home which is off Thursby Road in Burnley. She said she couldn’t print from Microsoft Office since the day before and asked ‘how much?’ I provisionally said £20 but I couldn’t say for sure until I got there. It sounded an easy call out but there are often complications once you get to see the real situation! I got there at 2pm and discovered it was a terminal services setup although the client had no idea what Terminal Services was, just that she logged on to her PC and then logged on to something else. She was also newly employed so had inherited the setup from the previous employee.

Victoria Road Residential Home, Thursby Road, Burnley

Victoria Road Residential Home, Thursby Road, Burnley

I logged on to the XP system and her terminal services client, both where grindingly slow. After getting into Office 20010 and  opening a test document, sure enough, on after selecting the default printer and pressing print, it just got stuck and didn’t seem to print. At first I was thinking, ‘this is Terminal Services which means I don’t have admin permissions to do very much!’ I told her this but it meant very little. She did call head office in Leyland who told her anything on the TS side was managed by them and anything on the desktop PC was for her to have fixed.
Underlying problems? – why is the PC so slow and maybe that will tell me why TS is slow and that will help us print? Slow PC’s/Laptops are often slow because they are packed with viruses and spyware. Sure enough, no anti virus software and after looking in the Installed Programs in Control panel there where loads of casino, online gambling programs – a sure source of malware. I had a look in Task Manager and there it was, the CPU was constantly at 100%, another sure sign of infection. I found the process that was using all the resources, I forget its name – Google’d it and found it to be suspicious – checked with the client that it was nothing to do with her system (she called head office again) and then halted the process. Instantly everything worked faster again. Terminal services logged on nice and fast and I printed out a test page in TS. Results!
I found a program in Control Panel that had the same name as the process so I uninstalled it which stopped it restarting at the next re boot. Unfortunately, with her printing problem solved, that was as far as she wanted to take it. I managed to negotiate £30 for the hour and a quarter I had sat there listening to her describe the problem, ringing people and troubleshooting/fixing the issue but its highly likely her Desktop PC is still compromised – there was another process left after I uninstalled the offending program and its likely there are other virus problems with all those ‘inherited’ casino apps. I offered to come back and clean up her system and put some decent free antivirus/firewall software on the PC but she didn’t get back to me. It would have cost just £50 – a longer job but worth it considering the value of that PC and the other on site systems it supported. Oh well…

27 Mar 2013

Acer Aspire 5580 Laptop Repair

Acer Aspire 5580 Laptop

Acer Aspire 5580 Laptop

Following on from the last post, my other repair job from Monday was an Acer Aspire 5580 Laptop – in a rather battered condition. It was missing numerous keys and the owner thought it had a loose DC power socket although it was fine whilst I had it. All he wanted was for me to put some anti virus software on it, in Theory a quick job so I charged £10 for it.

In practice I loaded up Trinity Rescue Kit and left it running Clam AV for about 2 hours while I got on with the Samsung RF711 laptop I also had to repair. It found no viruses so I loaded up its Windows Vista Installation and installed Microsoft Security Essentials and ran a scan – again, nothing detected. Finally I installed Spybot SD for a bit of effective preventative malware protection. Its main problem apart from the keyboard and alleged DC power jack, was lack of RAM (memory not Hard Drive size) Windows Vista is notorious for being a resource hungry OS and this laptop had only 1GB or RAM, leaving only 350MB of ‘calculating space’ at best which soon disappears with a few browser windows and office apps open – and then everything grinds to a slow crawl. I advised the owner that for just under £10 for 2GB RAM plus £10 to install it his laptop would be much faster and able to multi task effectively. I doubt it will get done though as he wants me to look out for a new one on eBay for him (he’s paying me to look) If any of you do have redundant PC’s or laptops you don’t want or that will get binned/sit in a draw for decades, you could let me have them for parts??…

Anyhow, I handed back his laptop and he gave me £10. A lot of work for £10 but that was my choice…

For Acer Aspire 5580 Laptop power adapters, batteries and other associated spare parts, click Here

Please excuse the affiliate links in the picture and text links – its called residual income! …Hopefully.

12 Mar 2013

Samsung RF711 17″ laptop repair

Hi All and Any,

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Yesterday I got two repair jobs for the price of one. On Sunday I got a call from a past customer for me to fix her Samsung RF711 17.3-inch Laptop. I’ve had it in bits before to resolder a new DC Power jack but this time her Windows 7 installation was refusing to load up and instead just going to the OS repair screen. I took it off her thinking I had her phone number on the last invoice and said i’d have it back to her the following evening.

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B004JO1Z52″ locale=”uk” height=”160″ src=”” width=”160″]
Monday morning I start the process of recovering her files and folders off the hard drive – firstly by removing the drive and attaching it to aUSB 2.0 to SATA / IDE Transfer Adapter, so I can plug the removed hard drive into my laptop and copy over the files. It can be quicker to transfer files this way from a non operative OS. Unfortunately the hard drive didn’t show up in My Computer so I had a look in Drive Management and saw an empty drive with no partition, reverted to the ‘basic’ state. No Windows 7 and no files to copy. I also tried re fitting the hard drive and booting the laptop in to Puppy Linux to see if I could recover anything but no go their either. There is a limit to what you are willing to do within the £25 I’ll be getting for this so..

At this point its good manners to get in touch with the client and inform them of the situation and get see if they want to spend money trying to recover the partition data or just get over it and wipe the lot with a fresh OS. I couldn’t find her number or remember the precise house number and her number is private on my mobile, so I went knocking on doors at the street she lives on. A neighbour pointed me to the correct house AND gave me his Acer Aspire 5580 laptop to work on. That is for the next post…
Anyhow, after a LATE start, I installed windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit, spent ages on the Samsung site downloading all the drivers and associated apps (there where NO default drivers for this laptop in the windows installation) – installed 400MB worth of Microsoft updates, installed some Office software and then free Anti virus software and decent free firewall software. I charged her £25 and it took from about 2.30pm to 8.30pm including leaving it to download updates for an hour or so.

At 8.37, running late for dinner at my in-laws, I walked over to her house and handed it back. A happy customer. Hopefully she will come back the next time something goes wrong.

12 Mar 2013