Re Install Your Windows Operating System

Don’t Buy a new PC or Laptop – Just Re Install Windows!

Drop your PC or Laptop off to Burnley Computer Repairs (or I can pick it up and drop it back to you for free if you are in Burnley or nearby) – and I will reinstall your version of Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1) plus install all the service packs, Security Updates general software and Antivirus solutions and then put all your files, folders, pictures etc back where they should be.


Whats InvolvedBasic Re Installation - £20Full Re Installation - £40Concessions Price*
I offer a Basic Service and a standard Full ServiceRe install Windows only - no drivers, no updates, no antivirus, no user data transfer. This is for those who want to do the job themselves but have no setup disk.£40 for the first PC or Laptop, £35 for each additional PC or Laptop - Includes all driver, Service Pack installations, MS Updates, Anti Virus Software, user data transfer and other software.
Get all your laptops/PC's or those of your friends/family and SAVE on the total!
Single PC/Laptop - £30


You don’t have to read this 😉 but it will help if you do 🙂

Why Re Install Windows?

Virus removal is for ‘must keep’ systems (work related setups with Citrix, domain logon etc) Windows Re Installation is the Best Solution for everyone else…

Reason OneVirus Infestation

The number one reason for re installing Windows is to solve Virus and Malware problems. Yes, I can run many different antivirus programs either on your live system or by removing the drive and plugging it into a different machine. I can also manually remove all the pesky and intricate components of all the different virus variants that may be on your system – but all that takes TIME and time costs you money! If you have a system that you HAVE to keep like a work related Laptop that has special software, then you have no option but to repair the existing system. For everyone else however – if you have a serious case of multiple Virus / Malware infection, it can be cheaper to just re install – so why not just have me (or you) save all your user data (files, folders, pictures etc) then I’ll wipe your old system and then re install windows as well as install all the Microsoft Service Packs, Updates, latest browsers and other software plus the best free antivirus software money cant buy (unless you want to pay for decent antivirus software which is advisable) You will end up with a fresh system on your PC or Laptop that is up to date security-wise and will run much faster…

Reason Two – Your Laptop / PC will be much FASTER

…The other major advantage to a Windows refresh is that your system will work better, faster, cooler… When you first walked out of Comet / Argos / PC World with your shiny new Laptop, Windows was fresh and new. All its millions of files, database components and lines of program code were where they should be, in the right order, uncorrupted and with no bits of uninstalled program code left in the registry. Over time however as you install and uninstall different programs and generally ‘use’ your PC or laptop, things get corrupted, Windows has to find work-arounds and patches to carry on – it slows down in the process. Even if you never had a single virus, every so often its worth doing a full system reset. Its amazing how many people go out and buy a whole new PC or Laptop in the belief it is faulty or just ‘old’ when all their present one needed was windows reinstalling!

What’s a Windows Operating System???

Having been around computers for far to long I am sometimes amazed when asked this question. Windows is the thing that pops up on your laptop / PC screen about 30 seconds after pressing the power button. (unless you own a Mac) Today there are 4 current versions of the Microsoft Windows Operating System – Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1 They all come in either 32Bit or 64bit modes and each version has its own sub versions – XP Home Edition, XP Professional, Vista Starter Edition, Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Business…. it goes on. There should be a sticker on the side of your Desktop PC or underneath your Laptop which says what version and sub version of Windows you have – and also the activation code. None of this is important to you however! If you want your system to run like new, just hand it over to Burnley Computer Repairs and I will work out what its got, what it needs, do the work and hand it back to you like its been reborn!

Please call 07723 994819 for more information about re installing Windows on your device or to book it in for repair.