GW9016VH DVR (digital video recorder) repair – computer repairs burnley

GW9016VH DVR unit repair – IT Support in Burnley

GW9016VH DVR unit with case removed

GW9016VH DVR unit with case removed

This is an unusual job for me as a DVR isn’t a computer or Laptop although the technology inside is the same idea. A local convenience store called me in to have a look at their new DVR system. The owner couldn’t navigate the menu system and wasn’t even sure the installer had set it up to record and having just had a break in, was obviously concerned. I had a look through the menu system on the front panel and via the remote control – sure enough, it was awful to navigate and it wasn’t even recording anything. He showed me his original setup, an older but decent entry level DVR unit still being sold on Amazon in the US. It had worked fine and then started showing a hard drive error so he got some guy in who proceeded to condemn the unit as unrepairable – and then sold him a hunk of junk to replace it!

In the end, I agreed to take the old unit and see if I could get it going for him again. As you can see from the video, whoever condemned it, had dismantled the interior – sabotage? I screwed and plugged everything back together and plugged it in and it appeared to work. I set off back to the shop with a spare hard drive, disconnected the ‘new’ system and reconnected the old setup to its cameras, power, monitor etc and what would you know it – no go! The contraption refused to record any footage to the hard drive. Ok, maybe the last guy wasn’t so dishonest after all…

Undeterred, and determined to be paid the agreed £50 and not the measly £20 for what i’d already done, I came up with a plan. The main problem seemed to be the little PATA to SATA converter board mentioned in the above video. I plugged in an old IDE hard drive after removing the offending item and the DVR unit sprung into life and started recording! In an effort to keep an older product current, the manufacturer must have stuck these SATA adapters in to keep up with current hard drive technology. No matter, all my client wanted was a working unit. I did wonder if buying and fitting a generic PATA to SATA converter would do the trick as we could then use the 500GB SATA drive installed in the ‘new’ DVR unit. I ordered one at a cost of £3.99 (!) off eBay, and no, it didn’t work. The on board Linux system probably didn’t have drivers for it.

After trying all the above possibilities, the shop keeper was happy to just buy a used 250GB IDE hard drive off me – this would give him a weeks worth of recording from his six CCTV cameras. Another happy customer. Its amazing the trust you can engender in a client if you are just straight foreward with them and go out of your way to be transparent 🙂 He wants me to go back at some point and install a network cable from the DVR unit to his broadband router so he can have remote access to it whilst he’s away. Perhaps that is to be my next post?

If anyone is interested, here is a download link to the GW9016VH DVR Manual

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