Burnley Computer Repair Pricelist


1) Re install Windows – XP, Vista, 7,8.1 – all versions

 – Best way to remove Viruses / malware and restore your system to ‘out of the box’ condition

Whats InvolvedBasic Re Installation - £20Full Re Installation - £40Concessions Price*
I offer a Basic Service and a standard Full ServiceRe install Windows only - no drivers, no updates, no antivirus, no user data transfer. This is for those who want to do the job themselves but have no setup disk.£40 for the first PC or Laptop, £35 for each additional PC or Laptop - Includes all driver, Service Pack installations, MS Updates, Anti Virus Software, user data transfer and other software.
Get all your laptops/PC's or those of your friends/family and SAVE on the total!
Single PC/Laptop - £30



2) Remove viruses and malware from your existing Windows operating system

What's Involved?Why go for this?Price
Run industry standard Anti Virus software and manual removals where necessaryIf you have a system you want to keep and not re install from scratch, this is the best option£20 - £40 depending on severity of threat and difficulty of removal


3) Replace Smashed laptop Screen

What's Involved?Why go for this?Price
Dismantle the Laptop screen assembly, safely dispose of the old LCD and fit a brand new LCD - restoring full functionalityYou have dropped, kicked, stood on, punched the screen or the backlight has stopped working.£30 labour charge to fit plus the cost of the screen which is usually around £40 but can go up to £60


4) Repair/Solder broken DC power socket

What's Involved?Why go for this?Price
I test your existing power adapter with a multimeter to check it is functioning. If all is well I dismantle the laptop and run continuity tests on the DC power jack area of the motherboard to check that the power socket is the problem. I then de solder the old socket and solder a new one in.You have dropped the laptop on its power jack and broken the power socket off the motherboard - or it has worked loose/broken from misuse/age. Symptoms are a totally dead laptop (no lights etc) or intermittent charging or sparking sounds from the power jack area.£50 labour charge - who do you know that can solder? 😉 - plus the cost of the power jack (£2.50 - £8.50)


5) Liquid Damage Repair to Laptop/iPhone or Desktop PC – other electricals also possible

What's Involved?Why go for this?Price
Remove all power sources and disassemble your laptop/PC into component parts and solvent wash the affected area. This can restore functionality to keyboards, mouse pads etc. Motherboards are tricky and permanent damage may have been done depending on the liquid in question and how long the device stayed switched on etc - however in many cases, removing liquid residue and any corrosion from the motherboard components can restore the device to full working order.You dropped your laptop/iPhone in the bath or tipped/splashed a drink over your laptop/phone or desktop PC. Its now working very intermittently or not at all - though hopefully you switched off and removed any batteries the moment it happened...?Laptop - £20 basic charge to disassemble and assess
PC or iPhone - £10 basic charge to disassemble and assess
Remaining cost depends on the damage done.


6) Data Recovery or Transfer to new system/DVD/Memory stick/USB hard drive

What's Involved?Why go for this?Price
For an old or non functional laptop or PC, I can remove the (functional) hard drive and attach to a new/different system and transfer your data across. You have an old laptop or PC which either is non functional or redundant and you want to either transfer data to a new system or a DVD/USB hard drive or USB memory stick£10 - £20 depending on circumstances.

This is a list of common repair services and is by no means an exhaustive list. Whatever your need, be it for home computer / network  problems or office IT suite / Windows Server domain technical support – Discuss it with me and I’ll help you to arrive at a solution and price that suits YOU.